Mowbray Public School Parents and Citizens Association

Promoting the development and further improvement of our school for every student, parent, teacher, and staff.

Make a difference in your child’s school experience.

Mowbray Public School P&C promotes the interests of and supports the development and further improvement of Mowbray Public School for all students, teachers, staff members, and our local community.

Our members are all volunteers from within the school community. We welcome fresh energy and ideas to help build on the school’s success and encourage all parents/carers to take an active part in making a difference to your child’s school experience.

School life that you can volunteer in

Select one of the areas below to create the future of Mowbray Public School.

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How to get involved


Choose an area of school life

Browse the areas of school life above and see what you’d like to be involved.


Register your interest

Follow the steps in your chosen area to join us in further improving that area.


Create the future of Mowbray Public School

Join other members of the community in making Mowbray School how you envision it.

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